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last night \!/ khyber

I really don't know what to think of last night's performance, for starters
I couldn't decide who was performing...rich and al, or the audience.
This has got to be the most pretentious event I've ever gone to.  I really
don't know why I feel that way, it just seemed that everyone there was there
only to be seen and to out-cool everyone else.  

On with the show.  Stinkin' Rich performed first, and depending on who you
ask he either redeemed himself, or dug himself into an even deeper hole.
I think that those people who are friends with him, or work with him in
the music business or have whatever connection to him were very willing
to forget the whole Oasis thing and move on; those that were a little more
sceptical were unimpressed with his explanations.  Having not seen the
Oasis show myself I really don't know just how bad it was.  I did read
the Coast article though, and to be quite honest I didn't understand his
justification for doing what he did.  I think what disappointed me most was
that rather than just making a straightforward apology he tried to make 
further justification for doing sexist songs, for the sake of art, for the
sake of shocking people, for the sake of whatever.  I honestly can't say
I bought it.  To give him credit, I couldn't hear all of what he was saying
because of bad sound.  But sometimes there's only one way to take things,
Rich said things that could only be taken as misogynistic, and he didn't do
the one thing last night that he should have:  make a heartfelt apology.
But I was never a fan anyway so it's not that important.  I really liked
his Sesame Street segment though.

Then Al played a really mellow set that a lot of the people there weren't
paying any attention to.  It was pretty nice to listen to, except the 
sound was also really shit for him too.  He played a few songs that I
didn't recognize and a few that I didn't recognize until have way through
because they were so slowed down.  

So like Tara said in her post I made cookies and passed them out to anyone
that wanted one.  Chris Murphy took the last one and it turns out it had
a hair in it.  Ooops.  I was kind of embarrassed about it but now I think
it's pretty damn funny.  Oh well.  So Chris introduced himself, and I said
that I thought that maybe I saw him at a sloan concert once, and he said
that yeah if he was there he was probably in the mosh pit because he
invented moshing, and I went on to say what a shitty band I thought sloan
was, especially their bass player, and he pretty much agreed with me.
So everyone like my food except chris.  well screw him.  I wash my hair
every day.

so that was the show.  

Tara forgot her superfriendz tape at my place, so if anyone is talking to
her before next friday maybe you could let her know or she might be freaking
out thinking she lost it.




For the first time, I'm happier than my teddy bear.