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thrush hermit


it's very rainy in this part of canada... hope the weather is better wherever
you are.   :P

did anyone listen to realtime on cbc-fm last night?  not only was the live
concert the waltons (like any of you care....), BUT they started the show
with jale's promise (the single version i believe.... has bap-bap's in the
last chorus and has a different ending.. neat!), and had a phone call from
joel plaskett of thrush hermit!  he was phoning from washington, and had this
little story:

after dinner at an italian restaurant somewhere in new york, ian let joel
drive the van.  joel decided to exit from the front of the restaurant where
they have the cloth-thing hanging (i forget what it's called... it hangs in
the front of the restaurant and has the restaurant's name on it... no, not a
tent..).  however, it's 8ft clearance under the cloth-thing, and the van is 9
ft high..

..you can probably guess what happened....

joel, who admitted that he wasn't thinking, drove by the front of the
restaurant and tore down the cloth-thing.  the owner of the restaurant, who
happened to be a boxing promoter, came out, unhappy.  fortunately, thrush
hermit (and joel) came out of the situation alive (insurance took care of

....um, why did they call themselves 'thrush hermit', james?? ;)
(sorry, stale joke, but it had to be said...)

					...sizzle teen

p.s.  if you don't remember the stale joke.... 'cuz the name
'bunchofuckingoofs' was taken....