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I checked my mail today only to find people were giving static to 
plumtree and thruster, while I'll admit they're not the two best bands in 
the world anyone who listened to flutterboard _knows_ how hookey the 
tracks are. Plumtree are really entertaining and nice girls too boot. 
Thruster are good, pretty good in fact, bad name though, they definately 
are reminicent of 88-89 skaterock, fancy footwork, blazing riffs, they 
really rocked ma socks off. Ok the porno stunt was funny for a second but 
ended up being more retarded than funny, and that feed back, drumstick 
throwing at the symbols thing has been done and is quite played out BUT 
they rocked as hard as aimless ever did, ok. And The hardship Post, I 
have always thought they were the most boring rock band in the world, I 
mean snooze-o-rama these guys were always writing good songs but there 
live act was always a sleeper. zzz. _But_ the last time I saw them was 
that show at khyber w/ HCG a few months back and they really were 
entertaining and for the first time I walked away from a hardship post 
show thinking they really rocked me out. So I guess I'll pick up the new 
THP cd and spin it a few times and see if if it's better than the last 
one I heard. 

The Brendan