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Re: thruster at cafe ole

On Sun, 28 May 1995, Emily Vey Duke wrote:

> Throwing torn up porno magazines into the audience at a rock music show 
> is stupid and makes every woman in the audience and every woman who hears 
> about it feel locked out of the music.  Clearly the music is not intended 
> to include women in its audience if the role women are presemted with is 
> demarkated in that way.  The message is this:  Women are to be first 
> sexualized BY MEN and then ridiculed BY MEN.  That is not the way I want 
> to see myself.

Hell yeah!  And _Thruster_...what kinda phallic/mysogynistic crap name is 
that?  I mean, what the hell so they think they're doing; _torn up_ 
pornos?  Like that's actually some kind of message or something.  And 
anyone who paid to see that show, supporting a band with no morals or 
respect like that; why, they oughtta be locked up too.  

Jeez...lighten up.  Remember that children will be children, and there 
ain't much you can do about it.  Go pick on Stinkin' Rich or something.

PS Any Halifax-area Sloan-netters who want somewhere to put all that 
vinyl you got in those old milk crates; we cleaned out the basement of 
the place I'm renting, and found a beatiful chrome LP rack.  Three feet 
high, holds _150_ albums (from when that term meant the real thing).  
Stacks `em diagonally, no less.  Very chic.  Very cool.  Very 80's.

Free to the first one to mail me.