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Re: bienvenue and Mr. Rich

>did any of the halifax people on the list
>see the article in _the coast_ about stinkin' rich
>and misogyny/sexism?  comments, anyone?
Not a Halifax people but I did read the article this evening.  Not knowing,
Stinkin' (or do I have to call him Mr Rich?) I have to assume that he was
sincere in his explanantion and that he was misunderstood by the author of
the piece. A couple of things struck me though. 
1)If she misunderstood his intent, and she seems, at least from the article
to be intelligent and capable of objective and critical thought, what must
the other less mentally robust members of the audience have taken away from
it? It reminds me of the John Doe interview a few weeks ago in *The History
Of RnR - PuNk* show where he talked about having to stop playing an
anti-rape song because the nazis in the audience started thinking it was a
pro-rape song. Subtlety is often lost on boneheads.
2) Stinkin' mentions his love of the NYC rap scene and how they are not
misogynistic like the Miami and west coast artists. I guess that wouldn't
include PE because Flavor Flav, to put it mildly, has been invloved in some
non-feminist activities.  Digable Planets are mentioned, rightly so as
positive influences (Blowout Comb is a great record) - could that be because
they are a sexually mixed group. (interestingly they are also not native
NYers) Off the top of my head I can't think of another group with male and
female rappers.

Man, talking about hip hop on sloanet - it *has* been a wacky week.

yo yo yo yo yo boyeeeee

PS Friz Freleng died today. If you don't know who he was - find out. He was
one of the few about whom you could say that he made this a planet worth