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celebrities on the 'net!?

hey everybody :)    anyone else with a sore neck after watching fireworks this
past weekend??? ....crack......  OW!

first of all.... um, did everyone receive my hardship post posting a *day*
late???  i wrote it and sent it *monday* afternoon.... grr....


out of the celebrities we have on sloan net, the one celebrity that i'd like
to embarass, err, *praise* :)  is our one and only listmanager James R.
Covey!!  check out the june 1995 edition of _Impact_ magazine; in the
"regional activity" column (under the heading Halifax), it talks about Zedd
Recordz and Daydream Records, and mentions James (referred to as the "creator
of the Sloan-net Internet bulletin board")!  AND, if that weren't enough, the
article talks about Spine and State Champs (sorry, no individual names
listed....SC: "wry stage presence and humourously horny lyrics", eh? ). 
wowee!!  to end the halifax section is a blurb on rebecca west and plumtree. 
unfortunately, the magazine decided to put in a picture of rebecca west
(well, the vocalist <?> ) instead of out listmanagerman/lad/boy.... too

make sure y'all check it out! (well, those of you that can.....)

					...sizzely t.  :)

p.s.  if anyone's interested, i'll be *glad* to transcribe the article to the
net :)