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edgefest lineup

Okey dokey folks,
   This could be completely off-base and I really should be 
letting the source of this post do this, but he's a little
shy, so here we go...the apparent Edgefest 2 lineup, which
was announced at Edgy F. #1:
  Sloan  13 Engines   treble charger   Jale   Hardship Post 
 Smoother  Odds (this might have been a drunken
misunderstanding)  Thrush Hermit   Tristan Psionic   ...and 
perhaps more.
   Now please, nobody boot me in the head if I'm wrong, but 
I'm just tellin' ya what I heard...
   Wishing it really was called sloanfest, as
adam/matt/weezer likes to call it,

 BTW - I would seriously like to know how many people out
there are subscribed to sloannet and are just acting as
voyeurs (I know of a few).  Come on - we won't bite! :)