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Re: see-through vinyl

On Wed, 24 May 1995, James R. Covey wrote:

> we at Zedd/daydream get our stuff done there as well, and the black
> test pressings we get back do have that brownish, kinda translucent
> quality.  the white vinyl Spine singles seem thicker somehow.  i wonder
> if it isn't just the kind of wax or kind of dye they use on a given
> single.  white is actually more expensive to do than gold or red, which
> come out kind of see-through, which leads me to believe that different
> substances are being used for different colours.  haven't got the state
> champs single back yet, but it's gonna be black.

We also got our 7" pressed at United. The test pressing is an acetate and 
will be thinner (a brownish translucent colour) and eventually 'wear out' 
with play. I have noticed though that the actual pressed 7" is a little 
lighter than some old 45's (perhaps a little clearer, thinner, etc...), 
I am not sure. We ordered a black 7" with beige label.


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