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On the band wagon...

Well I thought I would jump on the bandwagon of shameless self promotion...

We (the band known as Love in Venice) just finished showcasing MusicWest 
(known as pure hell) and a western Canada tour (a.k.a. the drive of 
death) to promote us (see above) and our new 7" single (a.k.a. 45). If 
anyone is interested in obtaining a copy e-mail me or write to our (sure) 
record company. The A-side is 'fraid and the B-side is Push Me. Listen 
for it on 'Canada Rocks' on June 4th if your local radio carries the show.

Snow Blind Records
5-400 West Arthur Street
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7E 5R2

P.S. Also on the Canadian Music Exchange (http://www.io.org/~cme/)

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