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Re: see-through vinyl

On Sun, 14 May 1995, Adam S Rodenhiser wrote:
>> To anyone who does not like the see through vinyl and likes Eric's Trip:
>>      Take a look at ANY Sappy 7"

gord replied:

>Are they see-though?  I don't doubt it - Julie gets all her stuff at this 
>place in Nashville called United Record Pressing (enGuard, murder and new 
>cinnamon toast stuff is also done there because it's the cheapest).. And 
>almost everything I've seen from there is see though... Look for a 
>U-number on the vinyl to see if it's from there.. there will be the 
>label's number (ie mur005 or whatever) and then a really long one 
>starting with U-somthing... I really like the swirly coloured stuff that 
>Cinnamon Toast and Derivative did... Even though it was coloured it was 
>still pretty thick stuff.

we at Zedd/daydream get our stuff done there as well, and the black
test pressings we get back do have that brownish, kinda translucent
quality.  the white vinyl Spine singles seem thicker somehow.  i wonder
if it isn't just the kind of wax or kind of dye they use on a given
single.  white is actually more expensive to do than gold or red, which
come out kind of see-through, which leads me to believe that different
substances are being used for different colours.  haven't got the state
champs single back yet, but it's gonna be black.


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