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Re: something i've been meaning to say

On Wed, 24 May 1995, Andrew P. Rodenhiser wrote:

> When you do post about your band, please be kind enough to NAME the band!  
> It's amazing how many of you think that everyone on here knows what band 
> you're in.  Even guys like me who've been here since day one almost don't 
> neccessarily remember all those details.  I see people all the time who 
> post "We're playing at the Rivoli on Friday night" and don't say the name 
> of the band or for that matter sometimes don't say what city the Rivoli is 
> in!

Hey, why don't we start some sort a list for this sort of thing?  Maybe 
if anybody actually puts that FAQ together we could include it or 
something.. How many bands are on here anyway?  tdc and tlw probably have 
the best ideas since they've been in contact with most of the bands.. The 
only ones I can think of right now that are on here are Novacain 
(novacain\!/canada.com), Cindy (Drew with some crazy numbered York 
account), Steaming Toolie (I have no idea who's in this :), State Champs 
(Catano), uh, and my band Yellow Label... but since there's two volumes 
of tape coming out, there's got to be quite a few of us here.


ps - the rivoli is in toronto.

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