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Re: something i've been meaning to say

"James R. Covey" <JRCOVEY\!/ac.dal.ca>, the return of listmanagerboy, said 
something he'd been meaning to say...

}people keep apologizing for pushing their bands
}on sloan net.  my response to this is, *feel free*
}to advertise your band/label to this group!  that's
}partly what it's for!  i've always said that.  

And now something I've been meaning to say:

When you do post about your band, please be kind enough to NAME the band!  
It's amazing how many of you think that everyone on here knows what band 
you're in.  Even guys like me who've been here since day one almost don't 
neccessarily remember all those details.  I see people all the time who 
post "We're playing at the Rivoli on Friday night" and don't say the name 
of the band or for that matter sometimes don't say what city the Rivoli is 

On the same note, when you ask if any good bands are playing in your area, 
you might like to say where you live.  You AOLweezers especially, I have 
no clue where you guys are.  At least university types and freenetters can 
usually be figured out from their e-mail addresses.

}post and what constitutes overdoing it.  all you have
}to do is keep in mind that other people have things
}to sell too, and we all have short attention spans :-)

Exactly.  Please tell us a little about your band when you do post concert 
notices.  If not for the sake of absent-minded folk like me, then at least 
for the new members who are arriving all the time.

Mercy Buckets,