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The Mighty Moncton's Eric's Trip.

God I don't know where to start.  I guess I should atleast say that
Shant, Katrina, Sara(non-net), and myself made the trek up to 
moncton on sunday to see TWO all-ages Trip shows.  They rocked (sorry 
James:)  I am really at a loss for descriptive words!  If you have ever 
seen them play live and LOVED them, this was better I, believe me.They 
were better than any Hell shows in a year.  The second show was better than 
the first but they were both incredible.  The venue was the Esquire, a 
pretty small place, the stage is about the same width as the deuce, oops 
the stonewall:) but about half as tall and really thin.

One really cool thing about this place, appart form the toilet trophy, is 
that the rafters(what holds the roof up) are only about 8 feet high, so 
the underaged kids(sorry Tara dC, Shannan and others.  I've only not been 
one for a year and I too hate the crap underagers take:)  liked to 
grab and climb up on the them, and then get pulled down by bouncers.

I should soon mention the show, nes pas? (Ca c'est pour Tara LW:)  The 
drum kit was set at the front of the stage.  Over all bothe sets were 
fast ones, playing happens, smother, warmgirl, frame, mirror, girlfriend,  
you're always right, and "i exist" from the first demo. along with some new 
stuff - Lighthouse, alone in the dark and a couple others.  Somes, most of 
the time actually, the pit was getting out of hand and "the mighty mark's"  
cymbals and drums were being knockedover by people getting crushed into 
the stage. I saw one guy, about 12, get thrown into the large concrete 
brick that hold the bass drum in place. Hope he was ok.

The openers were Super Villan, who during their second set, blew the 
PA system, so the vocals where f*cked.  So they plgged into a cabinet to 
finish their set, while others went out to rent another, but the rental 
shop was closed for the holiday, the owner(i guess) was a hero and open 
the shop so the show could go on. Whadda nice guy. They where good too, 
even if the busted PA made the vocals sound like chipmunks through a 
distrotion pedal.

The Monoxides and Villiooiun(some other 'villan'-like named band, ask 
the mighty Katrina or Shant for correct name). god I need sleep, Oh.. the 
monoxides played a real bitchin' cover of deuce (KISS KLASSIC)

                        'really tired trip fan'   Adam

P.S.   Necessary "Sloan" Content/Brag: At the fleamarket in Moncton I 
       bought TWO bottles of SLOAN'S LINIMENT. One even has 
       the full lable and some liniment left in it. One is a screw on 
       top, the other is just a cork.  NO NEITHER ARE FOR SALE :)  :) 
P.P.S. I visited Room 201 records, its kinda inbetween 
       Dischord and Taz.  And picked up Anthrax's PENIKUFESIN 12".

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