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top X lists

Is the "top X sloan songs" a recurring thread in this group? I know
other lists I've been on have had the same sort of thing going
continuously (fegmaniax for one). I think I'll refrain from adding my
own top and bottom couple, just 'cause they tend to change over time.

I'm anxiously awaiting the stuff I ordered from murderecords about two
weeks ago. I may finally get a sloan "t" that fits.

Thrush Hermit played a local bar (I mean real local, like a block away)
this weekend but I missed 'em. I was obligated to go see a Meat Loaf
tribute band. It was pretty gruesome.*

And I missed the Leaving Trains last night at the same place. Not that
they're an eastcoast band or anything, but I thought I'd mention it in
a pathetic attempt to sound hip.

And I'm bummed about Alyson leaving Jale. Is she the Alyson in "i am
the cancer"?

Does anyone know if the guys in Sloan have a lot of Badfinger records?
They sound to me like they do, but I'm still trying patherically hard
to be hip.

I'd list my top 5 Badfinger songs if I wanted to really annoy


*one of the keyboard players for "Dashboard Lights" is the husband of
someone here at work. So I was obligated to go since lots of people
here go see my band on those rare occasions when we play. If you like
Meat Loaf, and I don't, I imagine they were pretty good. Very slick.
They practice twice a week -- which is a hell of a lot of effort to
exert just trying to be Meat Loaf.