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Re: how could? + t5


i couldn't agree more with what jonboy wrote:

> how could 500 up, i can feel it and coax me be on someone's "bottom"
> list.  hello?  wake up.  those are three sweet tracks baby.  and even
> though i hear coax me and underwhelmed countless times too, i am not
> sick of them yet.  long live the sweet stuffs.  j to the b.

my top 5 sloansongs ever would today be:

500 up - it's pure pop prefection everytime andrew sings that chorus... :)

median strip - at times a little annoying. when not, heaven. :P

people of the sky - quoted friend: "what poppy pavement really should 
		    sound like". the best songs are andrew's ?!? 

pretty voice - krutpop. where "krut" is that explosive powder out of which 
	       mr.alfred nobel started making dynamite. :) the overall 
	       muddy sound quality on 'peppermint' tends to drown 
	       a few of the songs on it. this one floats even better! :)  

i can feel it/
slightly left of centre - are all on the top 5 some days. i just couldn't 
			  pick which one to be there today... they are all
			  canon, you know... :) just like what the norweigan 
			  boy/criss sings in penpals... it's funny as the 
			  word "kanon" is a slangish way if saying 'wicked'
			  in both swedish and norweigan... :)


punk rock popsicle