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More boring halifax gossip :)

Hi kids from sloan net, how I miss you all :(

I decided to sneak into hell for the weekend because well... Universite 
Satan Anne (no that is not a typo) is full of drinking, sports, and NO 
music in english. Grrrrr....

Friday was sloan netter Katrina Grentz's 23rd birthday and we had a 
little party at sloan netter Shant Pelley's house. Adam Rodenhiser and 
Heather Harkins were there. We listened to the new sloan single and the 
old demo version of "same old flame" - the two versions are very very 
different. So they filled me in with the sloan net gossip of the week. 
Alyson has parted ways with jale, eh? Hmmm....

Saturday we all went into Hell (Shant lives in Darkness) to see Rebecca 
West at an instore at Sam's on Barrington's. They rocked in a wicked 
subtle way. James Covey is on vacation with the state champs so I'm 
allowed to write reviews that say "they rocked." :) :) 

In attendance at the instore: Colin Mackenzie (murder and cinnamon 
toast label mogul ;)  ), shawn Duggan (cinnamon toast), Jenny Pierce 
(jale), Eve Hartling (jale), Andy MacDaniel (Leonard Conan), Chris Murphy 
(some band that sucks ;)  ), Nina and Amanda (amanda hug'n' kiss ;) ), 
Allison Dale and Lukas (duh) from rebecca west of course, and... Chris 
Thompson from Erics Trip which was just the best. I went upstairs with 
Heather to talk to him which just about killed me. I asked him if they'd 
play calgary soon and if he knew mitch hastings and to say hi to him. :) 
He was super polite and very shy almost more shy than me but not.  Later 
on I went up to the murder offices to say hi to marc the slaveboy brown 
and talked with jay and chris who were both amazingly nice. I picked up 
the new promo copy of the superfriendz tape, which so far from what i've 
heard is just amazing and great.

We headed over (this would be katrina, shant, heather, adam, roderick and 
me) to the Meditterano for lunch and saw Peter Holt (from _Peter_ the 
erics trip disc) and also Matt Murphy, Drew Yamada, and charles Austin 
from the superfriendz. They were nice and said hi and stuff.

We went over after that to ROW and Catherine Stockhausen was working. I 
bought way too many erics trip related music. We saw Stinkin Rich (aka 
Richard Terfry, DJ Critical, buck 65) there, too. I laughed because I 
totally didn't know he was white. Don't take that the wrong way, I just 
had no idea. when I admitted that, it made a few people laugh. Apparently 
I'm not the first to think that. :)

We also made a stop at the old double deuce which is now stonewall 
tavern. Woo. :)

We went to Birdland (that would be me and Roderick) to see Spine and also 
Hush (ACK!!!!!! the beardboy!!! Apeman!!! Eddie Vedder!!!!! Aperaham 
Lincoln!!!) (read: they sucked to quote Jon Dacey), and Cleveland Steamer 
(whatever....). Spine were great, altho I was in a bad mood from the 
first two bands sucking. I then proceeded to kick Roderick's ass in 
pinball. Ok, I'm lying. I got like 200,000 points. In case you didn't 
know, that is bad. :(  Met the "legendary" :) David Ledden who was quite 

I can't believe how many East Coast band people I've seen here. It's 
bizarre. Anyway, Halifax (once again) is really nice, there's lots to see 
(more than just bands...there's Hogey's Kick-a-Boo!! :) ) and I can't 
thank the sloan net kids who live here enough. What a wicked time. So 
thanks and hugs to Heather, Roderick, Marc, Shant, Katrina, Adam, Steve, 
and the rest. :) :)

The fog is rolling in and my ride back to Satan Anne is just about to 
pick me up so this concludes our regular broadcast. :)

Check ya in a week or so,
Tara Lee Wittchen
"stick around for a while
 listen to my thoughts
 it makes you smile..."
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