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Alyson/Skreech/A sick thought

I think somebody misconstrewed the "Alyson/Skreech" subject line I posted 
a while ago.  Alyson and Charles from Superfriendz and somebody else I 
don't really know were in this side project called Skreech, and they put 
out a flexi on Cinnamon Toast.  It was a one-off (I think) so I was just 
wondering whether or not she was going to revive it.  No name calling 
here, sorry!  

NOW... time for a disturbing thought.  Did anyone see the episode of THE 
X-FILES in which there was a bit on a cannibalistic tribe of natives in 
Africa called the JALE (pronounced Jaw-Lay, though)?  Maybe there was 
really more to their name than just that Jenny/Alyson/Laura/Eve thing.  
Maybe they're really cannibals... Hhhhmmmmm 

(if anyone has any doubts, I was just JOKING.  I don't REALLY think that 
J_LE ate Alyson, it was just a twisted thought.  Sorry)

                                        ha ha Hua
                                     "my craapy zine"

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