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New Sloan for me, too! Yay! (was Re: got my stuff!)

Hey all..

Shanan Kurtz wrote:

>Now why am I always hearing about how long it takes to get 
>stuff from murderecords?  I was thinking it'd take like a
>month or something for my stuff to come, but I got it today 
>- two weeks to the day that I sent out my $ :).
>     The Sloan singles are good (as I said before - "Same
>old Flame"); I haven't really reached a verdict on "Stood
>Up"...it's pretty Stonesish.

I got my "Stood Up/Same Old Flame" single today too, and it's wicked! (or,
let me say that Tara-style: wheee!! it rawks rawks rawks! :) )
	I tend to like Patrick's songs a lot, and "Same Old Flame" is yet another
classic. I just had time to listen to it before I went to work, and the
chorus ("When are you gonna tell me/what the hell I have to do/to make it
feel all right? I've got more to say than you/but I don't know what that
proves/ Dancing around that same old flame - it's not my fault, I'm not to
blame...") was in my head all night. It's great! BTW, Katrina: I think it is
about the same as the way you say the demo version went. Anyway, it rawks.
	"Stood Up" sounds a lot like it did live, which was pretty good. It's
Chris's song, and he plays geetar. They rawk out. It *is*, as Dave Bookman
wrote a while back, very Stones-ish. Like "Same Old Flame", it sounds sort of
like it belongs on _Twice Removed_. I haven't really "reached a verdict" on
it yet either.
	So... other comments? I think these songs show that the band is continuing
to evolve in the same direction - there's even more of a.. 60's pop feel, I
guess, to them than _2R_ had. If that's the way they're going, well.. cool. I
like it.

> Tara, as usual you're right - Local Rabbits rock!

I dunno about these guys.. I saw them live and they were.. well, the odour of
_fromage_  was in the air. But everybody seems to like'em so much.. somebody
give me some advice about the single - should I? shouldn't I?

>And I know I'm a little late (hey, I'm not as cool as you
>guys are), but I finally bought TH's "Smart Bomb."  If
>anyone out there *doesn't* have it, it's wicked, 

that would be me.. I'm obviously even more uncool than you, Shanan.(maybe
not.. I LEFT private school. so there. ;) ) I saw them in December, and they
were GREAT! but I didn't buy the see-dee, and I still haven;t. Don't ask why
- I don't know. Yes, I know I suck! (fighting off an army of screaming grunge

A couple of more things:
- The Sloan single is on GREEN vinyl (love it!) and features a really cool
cover with shots of the boyz playing live. As if you need more incentive to
get it. (everybody here probably has the fu*kin' thing already, and I'm just
wasting my time!)

- TDC, you want to put more life into Sloan.net? Well, I haven't seen much
actual discussion of the band's music since I signed on. So, how'bout a fave
songs poll? Me, I'd say "Underwhelmed", "Take It In", "Left of Center",
"Loosens", "Deeper Than Beauty", "I Can Feel It".

OKAY, I'll shut up now.

a l e x