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Re: miscellaneous: same old flame, j_le, TH.

hey y'all :)

:) bye bye cold flu, bye bye cold weather...

> What's the consensus on the other one - "Stood Up" I

i think stood up is a gorgeous track..but in that kinda darkish way. its
funny how, well in my opinion, these two tracks are sorta 'sad' sounding..
do y'as think it's cos this could (very well) be sloan's last release?
maybe its just me.....   

:'( boohoooooo....

just bein somewhat silly.... :)

i think same old flame is 'patty pop' at its finest. :)
and stood up is a beautiful heartwrencher.:)

>  - Is "The Great Pacific Ocean" only available on
>picturedisc? (and if so - what the hell's the picture of?)

you can get this 'fuck band's latest [OK. the joke IS gettin old. :)]
ep on cassette or cd. the picturedisc will be 349857349857 times cooler,
though. wanna know why? cos , well theres the picture of the beach (thats
on the cass & cd)  that rob's (i think) parents took on vacation...AND
there is (cheeze!:) pictures of the 4 thrushy H. boyeez's faces overlaid
on the pic, so when it spins there's some cool effect or something. :)

> Ah, well, they're a fuck band, right, so I probably
> shouldn't bother ordering a copy... ;)

yr fuckin right. ;)

> - has anybody confirmed TLW's grandmama's address for
>sending $ for les amis?   I've got:  2444-44 St. S.E.
>                                     Calgary, AB
>                                     T2B 1J6

yeppers, that'd be it. :)

oops i deleted when shanan writes 'sorry for taking up space'..

hey whats this sorry business? :) this is what sloannet's for. :) keep
posting shanny k. cos u rawk. :) :) 

HEY!!!!! :) :) :) :) [ an email freak's pathetic plea ] :)

everyone -- post like crazy!! lets RAISE HELL ON SLOANNET while james
covey's gone!!! ;) ;) its like when the teacher leaves the room for 3
minutes and all heck breaks loose. c'mon! lets go wild!!! :) post
nonsense. post dumb stuff. post a 5000 word essay on what sloan means to
you. :) go nutz..... 

heehee i guess im really desperate. but, hey, itd be cool to chuck some
life back into sloannet for a bit...:) :)

lotsa love to all you who are still around,
wacko T.
:) :) :)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom