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Re: drummers with the letter a

On Thu, 18 May 1995, not julie wrote:

> If JALE needs a drummer with a name starting with the letter "A" of course 
> the obvious choice is Sloan drummer.....ANDREW Scott! :)  Rumour has it he 
> actually played drums on either the Aunt Betty 7" or the never mind the 
> molluscs song (I can't remember which) anyway. 

Nevermind the molluscs, he plays drums and sings.

      J Pierce     vocals, guitars
      A MacLeod    drums, vocals 
      L Stein      bass, vocals
      E Hartling   guitars, vocals
      A Scott      vocals, drums

So who is next on the break-up list?

I vote for Hardship Post :)
or how about Thrush Hermit, that "fuck" band has 
been around long enough (how many of you remember
that conversation? TH is a FUCK band!!:)

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