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More on Alyson's breakout from Jale

After I transcribed part of the article, I found the 
whole thing on Daily News On-Line on CCN/CFN....
So here it goes..........

Drummer breaks from jale

By ANDY PEDERSEN -- The Daily News	

Jale's Alyson MacLeod, frustrated with her limited 
role as the band's drummer, has left to pursue other projects.
"It's sometimes difficult with four songwriters in the band, 
and I've decided I want to pursue my own thing," explained 
MacLeod, 27. "It was a really hard decision, but sometimes your 
heart dictates what you have to do." MacLeod said the split was 
amicable and she is still on friendly terms with jale's remaining 
three members. "I'm filled with a great sense of relief, but I'm 
also really sad about it," she said. "But I have no regrets, and I 
won't have any regrets about it." Jale's manager, Colin MacKenzie, 
said the band is looking for a new drummer and plans to continue 
with its four-record deal with the Seattle-based label, SubPop.

Tour cancelled

"From what I can tell they're (SubPop) disappointed, but they're 
still interested in the band continuing on their label," he said.
Jale has decided to cancel a cross-Canada tour in July and August, 
but MacKenzie said the band is still planning to begin recording 
its next full-length album in September and October. An EP the band 
recently recorded for Murderecords - with MacLeod on drums - is 
being released in July. MacKenzie said the band is seriously thinking 
about recruiting a male drummer to replace MacLeod."They are feeling 
some draw towards finding a guy," he said. "They're just so sick of
this `all-girl' band thing."

Teamed up with Lippa

MacLeod has started working on her new project, teaming up with 
Hardship Post guitarist Sebastian Lippa. The two traded their usual 
instruments, with MacLeod playing guitar and Lippa drums. "We've 
been working together since Christmas; I'm pretty excited about 
it," said MacLeod. "I'm writing lots of songs that are fairly 
personal. It's kind of therapeutic for me." The two are planning 
to make some four-track recordings through the summer, and perhaps 
play a couple of shows. They don't seem to be sure of the band's 
name yet, though. Lippa is calling it Speedo Internationale; 
MacLeod said it's Speed-O. Lippa said the work he is doing with 
MacLeod won't have any effect on his involvement with Hardship Post; 
the band is still together and planning a tour of Canada and the 
U.S. in July and August. "We're not that far along. I'm playing 
drums and she's playing guitars, so we're still kind of getting 
used to our instruments," he said. "So Hardship Post is still 
everything for me."

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