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Cape Breton Bands!!!

If anyone out there would like a sample of the C.B. music scene, five local
acts are now on the Canadian Music Exchange.  The bands are: Digger, Autumn
Pilgrim, Absolute, Tilted, and Monomonia.
They are located at: http://www.io.org/~cme/MUSIC/list.html

Autumn Pilgrim are a five-piece band who describe their sound as
experimental.  It incorporates rock, goth, and heavy metal influences for a
full booming assaults of the senses.

Digger are slightly less intimidating.  They are a combination of pop, punk
and metal.

Absolute are pop/rock at its finest, ala the hip and moist, but please don't
hold that against them, were doing our best to corrupt them.

Tilted are a punk rock, skater band.  They will be touring the Maritimes
with a skate show. Check them out if they come your way.

Monomania is a one man menacing techno-industrial artist, who sights his
influences as being everything from Front Line Assembly to Star reruns.

there you go check them out if you like.  They represent the periphery of
the growing local scene here in Pogeyville.  Hopefully, more local bands
will get on the net and give you a better representation of our little