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21 inches of jale


ok, here's a little something for you all hig- school netters to do 
while avoiding your homework.  :)  (i, myself, only have exams left to 
look forward to as university ends in mid-june in these parts of 
the world...)

anyway, while there's still room on the fanzine bandwagon i though i 
might get on it too. a canadian-indie-rock-focused fanzine is i the 
making on this side of the atlantic ocean and just to have something to 
go with the, really good, pictures of jale i thought i'd let whoever 
wants to to send me their honest opinions on jale's three pre-subpop 7" 
releases 'aunt betty', 'sort of gray' and 'gold leather with heel detail'. 
feel free to comment on everything/anything you like/dislike (each 7" as 
a whole, each song separately, the coverart, the lyrics, the vinyl (bubbles? :) 
), the music(!), etc. etc.). you are welcome to write nothing, one word, 
or a whole thousand-word essay. everything on the topic will be greatly 

lots of 'thanks you in advance's.


ps.	joe, about mr.corey hirsch's feud with sweden post i thought i'd 
	just let you know that really no swedish newspapers wrote about it.
	and corey seemed to have a little less rockstar attitude the last 
	time i saw him on tv. he even admitted that peter forsberg is quite a
	good hockey player... what a suck-up! ;)  he still rules though! :) :)