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oh i am a happy freaking kid....


well, i guess i am in a supergood mood for a number of reasons. i'll share
some of them w/ you. :)

ok. so yesterday, thrush hermit played here!! :) an *extra* special
surprise treat was that the local rabbits opened up for them! 
what a fantastic show! :) 

the local rabbits hopped  (heehee) on to the stage after furnaceface's
alter ego 'metal mods' cancelled. they played their little bunny hearts
out and kept us all entertained with their wack stage antics/rawkstar
poses.. :) this was the 3rd time i've seen them play and i have to
honestly say they get better each time.  now i dont know the song titles
so i cant really say what they played, but we picked up the cd and 7"
yesterday, so ill learn. :)all i know is that 'you're such a stupid
idiot' has to be one of the best songs ever written ever. :) they played
more of their poppier stuff i kinda noticed, but there were of course a couple
of bluesier numbers. :) wicked, through and through.
thrushy h. followed with what i also thought to be their best set yet.
they played lots of new as-of-yet unrecorded songs (they are practicing them
live before they record them when they get back home) and most of the
'great pacific ocean' ep. the only song they did not play off the new ep was
'25 alright'which they said was not actually written about Chris murphy in
particular, as  criss would like to think. ;)
they said 'chris thinks that the whole ep is a concpt record about him'. :)
they also added that patrick pentland thought 'patriot' was about him.
PAT-riot. ? *groan*...;)

ok so anyway, i think this is the tightest ive ever seen them. :) and the
new songs all sound really great - the full-length record should rawk. :)
they played some smart bomb stuff too...'all dressed up' and 'radio
blaster' and 'french inhale' of course...but nothing older than that.
it was all wonderful, they seemed really into it and i think everyone
present had a fun time, though we were not many in number.

we video'ed the show and i watched it with my mum when i got home. she
looves thrush hermit. :) so she had a cool mother's day.. :) she sings
'french inhale' and 'the great pacific ocean' incessantly around the
house... :) :)

ok. so i know this is getting long, but GUESS WHAT?!
much east ruled for once. they played sooo much wicked east coast stuff.
do you think they're finally getting it??!
wow..there was the HCG video shoot, the Rebecca West segment, the new jale
video (!) for nebulous, the bit on Thee Suddens, the Hardship Post
segment, and they even ended off with 'coax me'. how cool. :)
not much non-east stuff..i think it was just the ramones and the clash who
were thrown in this week...
well, anyways this is getting too long. :)

************buy the local rabbits 7" or you dont know what yr missing..***

tara :)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom