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Re: Rebecca West

On Sun, 14 May 1995, Barbara Shizuka Yamazaki wrote:

> hello? andrea? brian? did you guys make it down?

Yeah, we sure did! Me, along with four or so other Sloannetters managed 
to meet up...

> for me. anyway, there was a huge line outside of the gastown music hall. 

There was a mint records party there just before gob was on, and they 
were giving out free beer and food so it was packed, and the capacity at 
the GMH is only around 120 or so. I had to wait outside about 30 mins 
(missed gob) until all the industry types ate up all the food and 
decided to leave.  

> but now i know what everyone means when they say rebecca west "rawks". 
> allison outhit sounded grrreat!!! i overheard people talking and they 
> said it sold out at 8:30 (started at 9) so sounds like a big success. The 
> line barely moved so that's a good indication that everyone was enjoying 
> rebecca west. i eally wish i could've seen them. i'm glad they played 
> that tv song. that woman has quite the vocal chords. she's amazing.

Yeah, I don't really know anything about RW except for the one song I've 
heard on the Cinnamon Toast compilation, and this is the first time I've 
seen them live...the were awesome! They did sound really "grrreat!!!" and 
everyone inside definately loved them alot. allison outhit commented at 
the end about how no one in Vancouver dances and was trying to get 
everyone up for the last song they played. Some people did. I thought she 
was a really cool singer, and her voice is totally cool. Wish I could 
growl like that! 

I finally was able to hunt down Brian (who wasn't wearing his CiTR shirt 
like he said :-P  (after first wandering around the bar after every set 
and finding that the only guy there wearing a CiTR shirt was the drummer 
for the Inbreds) -funny story about them; I was standing in line outside 
while gob was playing (the Inbreds played after Rebecca West) and these two 
guys walk up the street, one's carrying a guitar case, and they kind of 
shuffle into line. No one recognizes them. Then some guy they know comes 
up to them and tells them to get their butts up to the door because he's 
on their guest list and the guy wouldn't let him in until the band itself 
actually showed up. So they kind of go "oh" and walk up to the door and 
go in. 

Lucky for me, I ran into someone who was able to point out who Brian was, 
and I was then finally able to meet a few fellow sloannetters for a bit. 
It was pretty cool, because we're always hearing about how you 
east-coasters all get together and have such a blast :-)

After that, cub played, and lisa the-one-who-sings was wearing a big 
blond wig and lisa the-one-who-drums had these puppet strings attached to 
her arms while she was playing. It's hard (for me) to take a lot of cub 
in a once, and this showcase made sure that all the bands only played for 
30-40 mins or so, so cub's set was just about right, in my humble opinion.

The best part of the night, I think, though, was Pluto. They rock hard. 
If they swing out to the east coast, everyone go see them, they are 
really really great. They are kind of power pop, I guess. They are just 
really original guitar-pop, and they put on a great live show. (sorry for 
the very inept decription!)

All in all, the rest of Music West was not bad. I went to Slam City Jam 
all day Sat; saw a bunch of skater-punk bands play along with the North 
American skate boarding championships. On the Fri I saw the Welfare 
Starlets (very weird and trippy band, with two girls wailing and 
shrieking all these really bizarre lyrics) Cinnamon, Thurston, and 
16 volt, and Facepuller. 

The highlight for me was definatly the "east meets west" though, because 
it was really cool to hear those band in short sets altogether in one night.
Anyone else have any comments?