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Re: see-through vinyl

On Sun, 14 May 1995, Adam S Rodenhiser wrote:

> To anyone who does not like the see through vinyl and likes Eric's Trip:
>      Take a look at ANY Sappy 7"

Are they see-though?  I don't doubt it - Julie gets all her stuff at this 
place in Nashville called United Record Pressing (enGuard, murder and new 
cinnamon toast stuff is also done there because it's the cheapest).. And 
almost everything I've seen from there is see though... Look for a 
U-number on the vinyl to see if it's from there.. there will be the 
label's number (ie mur005 or whatever) and then a really long one 
starting with U-somthing... I really like the swirly coloured stuff that 
Cinnamon Toast and Derivative did... Even though it was coloured it was 
still pretty thick stuff.

	- Gord -

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