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Re: Rebecca West

hello? andrea? brian? did you guys make it down?

i can tell you my side of the story. i'll try not to sound too bitter. 
i had to work last night but i figured i could make it after work. and 
luckily (a big thanks to the canucks game) it was really slow so i got to 
leave early. i made it to vancouver in, like, 20 min or so...record time 
for me. anyway, there was a huge line outside of the gastown music hall. 
i made it in time for rebecca west but needless to say, i was outside the 
whole time. thank goodness it gets stuffy in there cuz they kept the 
windows open. 

but now i know what everyone means when they say rebecca west "rawks". 
allison outhit sounded grrreat!!! i overheard people talking and they 
said it sold out at 8:30 (started at 9) so sounds like a big success. The 
line barely moved so that's a good indication that everyone was enjoying 
rebecca west. i eally wish i could've seen them. i'm glad they played 
that tv song. that woman has quite the vocal chords. she's amazing.

anyway, i was very impressed but sad that i wasn't inside. (but at least 
no door man kicked and cracked my cello)