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"Before I Do" a CoH ripoff. ;) (was: underwhelmed 12")

jpyanota\!/acs.ucalgary.ca wrote:

>also, anyone who has the words for bfore i do (the ones with all the 
>stuff at the end), could you maybe forward them to me.

all of you longtime Sloannetters may remember me raving about that mumbling
being a ripoff of this wierd spoken-word bit on a Change of Heart record.
Well, it is - exactly! Check out "There, You've Gone" on _Smile_ for a better
listen. it goes a little something like this (off the top'o my head):

"he was in this Swiss hospital, and he felt totally misunderstood... I spoke
French, so he was talking to me. He said, "you have to help me, you have to
get me out of here. This is a mistake, this is a whole fuckin' mistake! You
see, I'm a businessman... These bastards, these fascists are keeping me
here!... They're putting something in my food. I used to be a swimmer, and
swim miles every day; now I can't even walk. I can't fuck anymore! These
bastards are putting something in my food...." etc. etc. etc.

the original source, according to the mighty Ian Blurton, was a story on some
audiotape 'zine that he got sometime in the mid-eighties. when I interviewed
him a few weeks ago, he was very surprised to hear about this. He said that
_Twice Removed_ was *one of his favorite records* (!), but he hadn't noticed
that! cool, eh?

well, that's all for now.
later, everybody. sorry to bore you. :)



P.S. hey, tdc - i'll write you soon.