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les amie

hey Shanon, that passage in the new " eye, "  about Cindy and a sloan tribute
thingy  was totally refering to the LES AMIE TRIBUTE COMP.  It's just Matt
was drunk and in the bar with the writer, and couldn't remember the real name
to the tribute compilation and got some of the facts mixed up.  So, don't
worry, nobody is ripping off the terrible twosomes' idea. 
Any sloan netters able to get to Woodstock Ont. on Sat. night there is a huge
warehouse rave/show featuring Cindy, Len, and Radioblaster, along with an
indoor skatepark, virtual reality games, an air castle, human bowling, and
beat-up Barney games.  Plus a huge rave room, and a chill out room.  Three
big buildings full of fun, $10, adv. $12 at the door, at the Woodstock
fairgrounds. starts at 7:30.