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Did anyone see when Thrush Hermit were (was?) on the Wedge?  They played a rillywicked song called "Razzamanazz" (pardon my poor spelling) that I've never heardbefore and I was wondering, is it on a single or something?  Does anyone know 
how or where I could get my greasy little paws on it?  The first few lines in itwere "We've got to get it together/You bring the wine, We'll bring the weather."Also just a little comentary, has anyone noticed how, every time MUCH plays a 
video from Murderecords, they can't seem to spell Murderecords right? (and I 
thought I was a bad speller)  They always put Mirror or MurderRecords or
Murderrecords or Murmur or something dumb like that.  It's rilly starting to
pezz me off!  It's not all that difficult.  It's MURDERECORDS!  Oh yeah wan moreting, went and saw Thrush Hermit in London on the 6th.  Rawked rawked rawked.  
Everything went smoothly till Cliff G. broke his drum stick by accident.  But
other than that it was good.  Oh yeah and my friend got kicked out twenty
minutes into the show which sorta sucked but hey I enjoyed it.

Ashley in London