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Sloan tribute?

 Damn, are us high school types (me, Tara DC, Chris
"Novacain" Per) the only ones left on this thing?
 In this week's Eye magazine there was a passage in "quick
fixes" talking about Cindy, which led to...
   "One of the songs is in fact a Sloan cover that will end 
up on a tribute album of the li'l Haligonians' music, due
for release on an undisclosed indie sometime around
September.  Also rumoured to be on the album are Lou Barlow 
from Sebadoh and ...ah, Sloan themselves."
   C'est vrai?  Bet it won't hold a candle to the les amis
 album...Ryan Benson was right - we should have marketed the 
thing! ;)
       going to sleep after a week of high-school hell,