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the complete nXne showcase list....

 Sorry if you don't care, just skip this message, this is the complete
 showcase list for North by North East:

Abubakar & Afronubians, Acid Test, Adam West, Afterforever, Agnelli &
Rave, Al Tuck and No Action, Alpha Yaya Diallo & Bafing, Alvy, Amandla
Poets, Amelias Moon Juice, American Mars, Andhara, Annax Bickie and
Zalang, Anyhowtown, Archer, The Ark Band, Arlene Bishop, Art Bergmann,
The Artichokes, At Random, Atomic Folk, Autumn Clock, B-Funn, Banshee
Reel, Barbara Kessler, Barstool Prophets, Bass Is Base, The Bel-Vistas,
Bif Naked, Big Faith, Big Rude Jake, Big Sugar, The Bill Perry Blues,
Black Irish, Black Rock Coalition, Blackboot Trio, Blinker the Star,
The Blow Pops, Blue Bottle Fly, Blue Dog Pict, Blue Willow, Boatman,
Bob Snider, Bob Wiseman, The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, Bovine, Breech,
Brian Black Thunder, Broken Girl, Brooks Williams, Brother Sun, Bung,
The Burns, Busted Flush, By Divine Right, Captain Tractor, Cardboard
Germs, Carol Laula, Carole Pope, Carrie Newcomer, Cate Friesen, The
Caulfields, Centrifugal Force, Chad Richardson, Chaos Theory, Cheticamp,
Chris Whiteley, Clove, Coal, Codfather & the Poachers, Colin Hay, Colin
Linden, Coltrane Wreck, Courage of Lassie, Crash Vegas, Craw, Crawl,
Crybaby, Cub, Cuttlass, Cyrus, D.O.A., D'Zyne, DA, Daddys of Eden, Daisy
DeBolt, Dal-Dil-Vog, Daughters of Eve, David Broza, David Sereda, DDT,
Dinner is Ruined, Dissemblers,  Dog Pile, Don Ross, Don't Talk, Dobb &
Dimela, Drag, The Drovers, The Dyan Maracle Band, Earthtones, Econoline
Crush, 18th Dye, Eileen McGann, Elvis Manson, Epona'Kwae, Eugene Ripper,
Eval Manigat & Tchaka, Fat Man Waving, Fifth Column, Flatland 6, The
Flu, Fly Spinach Fly, Fred J. Eaglesmith & The Flying Squirrels, Fred
Koller, Freshwater Drum, Fujahtive, Gandharvas, Gayle Ackroyd, Genocide,
Gideon Freudmann, Girlpope, Glueleg, Grasshopper, The Greyhound Tragedy,
Grier Coppins & Taxi Chain, Grievous Angels, Groove Daddys, Growl, The
Gurriers, Gut Sonic, Guy Davis, Gypsy Soul, Hagfish, Half-Size Giants,
Hard Rain, Hardship Post, Harrison Blue, Hayden, Hellbillies, The
Henrys, Herald Nix, Hilkka, Hip Club Groove, Hockey Heros, Hockeyteeth,
The Honeydogs, Hugo Torres & Friends, The Hynes Brothers, Ian Tamblyn,
Illegal Jazz Poets, Imaginary Heaven, The Inbreds, Imbrue Huzza, Innes
Sibun, Ivory Library, JackSoul, James Keelaghan, Jason Feddy, The
Jazzabels, The Jazzhole, Jeffrey Gaines, Jesus Monkeyfish, Jill Battson,
Jimi Dyson Blues Band, Jimmy George, Joe's Funeral, John Of Mark, Johnny
Vegas, Joshua Brown Quintet, Jughead, Julia's Rain, Junior Gone Wild,
Junkyard Angels, Knock Down Ginger, Korova Union, Kris St.Louis, Kyp
Harness, Lach, Laura Smith, Laykari, Legacy, Len, Lenahan, Lenny
Gallant, Leonard Conan, Leslie Spit Trio, Lester 7 and B Flats, Lewis
Melville, Local Rabbits, Loretto Reid & Brian Taheny, Lori Yates, Los
Seamonsters, Lost & Profound, Love Canal, Love Riot, Lumen, Lynn Miles,
Ma, Mad Pudding, Made, The Mahones, Marc Berger & the Headcleaners, Mark
Reeves, Mary Knickle Band, Matthew Good Band, Maureen Brown & Big Hand,
Max Woolover & Village, Mecolodiacs, Megan Metcalfe, Mel's Rockpile,
Micheal Danckert, Mike Dugan & the Blues Mission, Minitures, Minstrels
On Speed, Modern Farmer, Molly Johnson, The Monets, Monkey Trial, Monkey
Walk, The Morganfields, Mrs.Torrance Muhtadi, Mystery Machine, Naked
Planet, Nancy, The Nationals, Nerdy Girl, Nerve Circus, Norm Hacking,
Not Goin' to Vegas, Nothing in Particular, Oliver Schroer & The Stewed
Tomatoes, One O'Clock Humph, Orchard, Oscar Lopez, Outhouse, Parabolica,
Paul MacLeod, Penny Lang, People From Earth, People Playing Music,
Phonkbutt, The Pilgrams, PinkEye Orkestra, Plains of Facination,
Plumtree, Pluto, Poledo, Poster Children, Project 9, Punchbuggy,
Punchface, Punjabi By Nature, The Purple Helmets, Quartette, Radio
Blaster, Rainbow Butt Monkeys, Random Order, Rascalz, Raw Magillys,
Rebecca Timmons, Rebecca West, Reckless Drivin', Red Autumn Fall, The
Reejers, Rev, Rheostatics, Rhinos, Robert Earl Keen, Robert Priest,
Rocky Gaines, Ron Sexsmith, Ron Wiseman, Rotgut, The Rousers, Rusty,
Rymes With Orange, Sal's Birdland, Sandbox, Sandra Lockwood, Scarab,
Scarce, Scott B. Symphony, Les Secrataires Volantes, 7th Fire, Sex With
Nixon, Shades of Culture, The Shaes, Shag, She Stole My Beer, Shego
Band, Show-Do-Man, Sidehackers, The Sideman, Sing Sing Dean Man,
Skaface, The Skanksters, Skinhorse, Skydiggers, Slack Jaw, Slacker,
Slaves on Dope, Slowburn, Smoking Ether, Smokin' Popes, Smoother, The
Snitches, Sometime Sweet Susan,  Sook Yin Lee, Spent, Spin the Susan,
Spirit Pushers, Spiritual Heroine, The Squids, Squirrel, Stagger Stagger
Crawl, the Starkweathers, State of Affairz, Steve Fox & Tequilla
Mockingbirds, Steve Stanley, Stinkin' Rich, Strawman, Subtractor,
Suckerpunch, The Superfriendz, Surrender Dorothy, Susan Werner, Swann
Scandaluz, The Sweaters, Tabarruk, Taste of Joy, Techno-Squid Eats
Parliament, Teenage Head, Temper, The Angstones, The Monoxides, The
Pursuit of Hapiness, Thee Salvation Armee, Thee Suddens, Thomas Handy
Trio, Three Sheets to the Wind, Thrill Squad, Throbbin Hoods,
Throneberry, Thrush Hermit, Tiny Bill Cody, Tippy Agogo, Too Many Cooks,
Trauma Kamp, Treblecharger, Treefort, Tristan Psionic, Trust, TSPC, 12
Eyes, Tyler Ellis & Band, Uluteka, Universal Honey, Ursula, Vagabond
Groove, Veda Hille, Venus Cures All, Venus Envy, Vern Cheechoo, Vox One,
Wagbeard, The Walk, Wannabes, Warren Wayne & Ultra Flex, Water can...,
The Waynes, Weasal, Weeping Tile, The Welfare Starlets, the Whatnots,
Wicked Kick, Wild Strawberries, Willie P. Bennett, Wind May Do Damage,
Woddenstars, Woodenshed, World In A Room, The Wyrd Sisters, Yet Another
Posse, Zen Bungalow, Zobop, Zolty Cracker.

 Well...there you go, I think I'll go smash my head in a wall now.
 later :)

-- D'Arcy --