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sloan origin

Whoever posted that thingy about the "slow one " thing; are you sure??? 
I've heard three other theorys, that i am compelled to bore you ALL with. (if
you've heard 'em too, say "amen brother")

1) It originated from the "sloan royal" stamp on the giant bolt that tops off
public urinals and johns all across the earth. ( michigan at least).

2) The band was originally to be called the "neats". when the sloan logo as
seen on the inside of the twice removed cd, not the cassette,
or on the smeared cassette spine is flipped over, it resembles the word the
neats. (see attached file)

3)it was after ferris bueller's girlfriend in ferris beuller's day off.

these are all probably completely wrong and fabricated rumors (rumours ?) by
all us wacky americans. if so, gee-whiz, we're sorry.

enlighten me.
mattweezer doesn't have to say amen brother, i know he's heard 'em.


p.s.  thrush hermit is playing with rusty near my humble abode on may 19th.
it is 18+. I HATE 18+ CONCERTS. (I CAN'T GET IN!!!!!!!)
should I try going in to buy stuff like that cello kid? d'ya think bribes
would work?
enlighten me again.

P.P.S.S. I guess noone has heard of the happy accidents. now they are playing
with the figgs.(they are playing their musical instruments to warm the crowd
up for the figgs. I don't want you to get a kinky mentel picture of weird
guys walking out on stage juggling fruits.)  If you ever have a chance to see
'em, go, cause they RULE!!! (I CAN'T CAUSE IT'S ANOTHER DAMN 18+ SHOW.)  they
give out free cassettes of new releases at their shows.
:)    <= that is the first smily thing i've ever made.


"I don't have a nifty quote that would be meaningful or reflective of my
personality to put at the end of my e-mail"- adamdorkrockerk
I am in a nifty band called the zoinks ( a la shaggy) (scooby doo, silly) if
ya's wants a demo tape, ( not a "set the boom box in the middle o' the room
affair, on a real reel-to-reel, complete with mixing board!!!!)e-mail me.