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hey there tshirt people... sorry for the long gap with no information ...

anyhow since im off on tour as of thursday there is no way the shirts can 
be done and mailed by the time i leave.... im rreally sorry for the delay 
but i jst dont have the money together yet for the shirts.. and i wouldnt 
even if i hadnt been ripped off.. so all you check slackers get 

when i get back i want to be able to go out and just buy the shirts and 
screen them and mail them off all in one foul sweep...

i screened 50 state champs shirts in a couple hours so it wont take much 
longer to do the sloannet shirts so basically once im back the shirts 
will be done and off ...

but keep sendin the money ...

anyhow the order list has gone up some with some newbies and most of 
murder records wanting them so thats cool..

anyhow ill chat more when i get back...

dont worry i havent skipped town :)

listmanager james is along for the ride as road crew incidently :)