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mucheast/ tara leeeee

helli-elli-o to y'all..

as usual, i was an idiot and forgot about that goshdarned luvable mike
campbell ;) and his MuchEast shenannigans last evening...
did anyone catch it? what did i miss? thanks... i mean, the show is
largely annoying, but there's often interesting bits once in a while.. :)

ie/ the hardship post gig \!/ birdland on friday...tara lee said mikey c was
there and maybe some of you kids were broadcast? shant & kat- dancin in the
front row as usual? ;)

anyways, if someone would be so kind as to let me know..

thanks. :) :) :) 

ps/ tara lee has a million pals on this here net and she gave me her
address today, where she is living in French Hell. french in hell. (how
many times have i read that joke in the past 3 days? :) :) )
i dont know who might want this but im sure there are many of you, so if ya
wanna snail her (do it!) she's at:

Tara Lee Wittchen (*make sure her name is clearly written)
Appt.#109 Residence Normande
Universite Ste-Anne
Church Point, NS
B0W 1M0

and it *can* be english mail. ;)

bye bye. :)

love,tara DC - hawdcoar punk rawka chick ;)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom