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Thrush Hermit + friends review

	Well, after much thoughtful thought on the matter, i chose to go 
to the 19+ show with a couple of friends, and from previous information its 
sounds like its good that we did.  We arrived at 9pm to be told that 
doors weren't even til 9:30 (that's not what the ad said), so we wandered 
around and even spotted local celebrities - Steve Stanley from the former 
Lowest of the Low talking to Paul Dakota of the Lost Dakotas (if you 
don't know who these two are, you should find out).  When we went back 
in, we found that 4 bands were playing (which made me happy), and I 
chatted with the tape seller guy about who Sour Landslide were.
	Sour Landslide, a Toronto three-piece, played first, and were 
very good.  They played straightforward grunge-pop, nothing too fancy but 
consistently good.  FAst drumming, catchy chords - see them if you get 
the chance.
	Local Rabbits played next, and I really wasn't very impressed.  
They were sloppy in the same kind of cool way as Pavement, except not 
nearly that sloppy, or that good.  Some good laughs off of their 
silliness, but I only the thought that the one guitarist who looked like 
he came straight out of the Eddie Bauer catalogue had any real singing 
	Plum Tree were pretty cool.  I only knew "Dog Gone Crazy" 
beforehand, but I really liked it, and was curious to see this band.  
Pretty good, although not stunning.  My friends and I took various 
guesses throughout the show as to hpw old they were, but then they didn't 
like the band as much as I did.  Vocals were very much sweet-little-girl 
type, which I know can really annoy some people.  I was told they sounded 
very much like _cub_.  Too bad they didn't play Dog Gone Crazy, although 
there was one really good one that I simply can no longer remember the 
name of, perhaps because the show was 3 days ago.

	Thrush Hermit rawked.  They played three ffrom Smart Bomb 
(Radioblaster [wicked song], something else, and French InHell {hee hee} 
in their two song encore), a couple of older ones, and the rest of a 
decently long set from their new one.  Patriot, I believe was one, that I 
thougth was particularly good.  The unattractive drummer came and dancer 
on stage for a little while, was meant to be funny but just came out as 
annoying.  I figured people would mosh, or at least dance a bit, but this 
was the 19+ show, so a few people swayed and that was about it.  But at 
least people stood, move right up to the stage, which can't be said for 
any other part of the show.  Good show, lazy crowd.  Well, I didn't 
exactly make them dance, so who am I to whine.

	Overall, quite a good show.  It lasted three hours in total, 
which seems pretty short, buteach set change was only aboout five 
minutes, so it didn't seem that we were getting scammed off.  I didn't 
buy anything, although the Plum Tree shirts featuring the swimming badge 
did attract my interest.  I work as a swimming instructor, and that 
badge looked like a direct copy - is the Red Cross sueing?  I don't know 
of many more great shows coming to Toronto soon, but am hoping that some 
will before I take off for the summer.


				murray s.