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>From acsierac Mon May  8 00:00:04 1995
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Hah..., wah!

Due to emergent hectic-inducing phenomena in my life, I'll be
unable to cheque (sic, Canuque variant) my e-mail very
frequently. Consequently -in order to avoid incuring the "Wrath
of ACS"- its come time for me to unsubscribe.

At any rate, thanks for providing me with something cool to read,
over these last few months; Cowtown tends to flood us slaquers'
minds with stuff like: "Con Boland Had Unprotected Sex With
Steers, Sources Say", etc.

Thanks -also- to hip punques like Dave W (of Pope Joan fame) and
Tara DC (one of *two* Taras now residing in the Canuque
Liberal-Democratic Federation's Eastern Semiautonomous Regions):
hopefully, we'll meet at some point, instead of just
chit-chatting via twisted copper wire.

Oh... Happy (belated) Birthday greetings, ListManBoy! Please say
"Howdy" (Cowtown Redneque Region greeting) to Tara L W, for me,
if you can. As Art Bergman said:

"...maybe later,
we'll get together
and have a relapse..."

redrosiDevislupmoCevissesbO seinomereC(fo)retsaM
(ikcareiS madA)