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Re: State Champs and snowy weather - my final installment for now

> Hey everybody,
> Well, to continue with my little rock n' roll story...Seeing as how we 
> did not get home til about 4 am (after Shant, Katrina, Adam, James and I 
> hit pizza corner - this spot in hfx with like three pizza joints on the 
> corners of each street ($2 for a HUGE slice) - after the hardship post 
> gig and mucho dancing) the next day (saturday) did not begin until about 
> 1 pm. James tried his best to wake me up. Didn't work. Anyway, we finally 
> rolled into Halifax's peninsula (downtown) at about 3 pm. TIRED AS ALL 
> HELL!!!!  |)
Pizza corner...4am...donairs (well you didn't say it...but I miss 'em
soooooo)...  Stop...stop...stop  I'm gettin soooo homesick...  

> After we ate, we went back to the Murderecords office and on the bottom 
> floor of that building, they were filming the new Hardship Post video for 
> that song that I think is called "watching you" - at least the chorus 
> goes "but I can't standing watching you - ooo wooo hoooo!" There appear 

	Sounds a lot like a Kiss song by the same name....  right 
down to the ooo wooo hoooooo's.  I haven't heard the song yet...but
can Adam R. or Andrew R. help me out with this one....cuz if it
is...I gotta have it...

On another note...went to Thrush Hermit at the Rivoli in TO on 
Friday night...  Was pretty good...  Like Carol said, it was short..
but typical of a bar show...  I do agree that they left out a lot
of their best material.  I think they focussed too much on their
new CD...which I didn't buy..  That may work in Halifax, where they
play much more frequently...but I think people in Toronto came to
hear the songs they were familiar with...not the new stuff... They
were very tight though...  I enjoyed the show.  Oh yeah...was at the
19+ show...