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Halifax, Hardship Post, Thee Suddens, Trike, and more...

Hey everyone,

Greetings from HELL. Halifax is currently being buried by fourteen 
metric tonnes of snow, but otherwise it's quite lovely.

For those who have never visited this city, let me tell ya, it's very 
nice. Lotsa cool places to eat, reasonably good record stores (well, if 
you're looking for local stuff, anyway), and hey, everyone that I've met 
from this list has just been so wicked and nice, it's just great. :)

It's almost mind boggling the number of times I have been walking/driving 
around with someone and they'll stop and point and say "oh, there goes so 
and so from that band" or whatever. Small town, man. :)

Since Yan was cool enough to share some of his stories from Hell, I'll 
try to do the same, just to let you all know what's going on here from my 
lame point of view.

Thursday - Got picked up at the airport by listmanagerboy, Jim Cooper, and 
Heather Harkins, all sloan net kids. Totally nice and funny, James Covey is 
the king of overkill when it comes to jokes. ;) "breaker, breaker..."

Shant Pelley  and Adam Rodenhiser apparently got to the airport one minute 
after we all left, and I felt bad about that, since they made this wicked 
"welcome to halifax" banner. anyway, we caught up with them in Hell later on.
Adam is the scariest driver ever. :) We went out to visit Katrina at work - 
pretty funny. She's a pharmacist so I asked her if I could get my 
prescriptions filled out and handed her a piece of paper with my name on 
it. hee hee...:)

I got a very brief tour of hell, featuring stops at some of the infamous 
spots around town ie. the grey house/apartment thing from the Ear to the 
Ground special with sloan, apartments where members of sloan live/lived - 
all c/o shant and adam, truly obsessed fans. ;) 

STopped in at the mokka, where I got to meet three of the state champs, 
andy sawler, mark mullane, and jon dacey, in addition to steve dinn and 
of course, the infamous marc brown who i have unfortunately known for 
months already. ;) 

Everyone was totally wicked and funny, Jon pulled out a tshirt for James' 
birthday, his very own State Champs tour shirt (official roadcrew!). I 
went down to the payphone to call my mom and who should walk in but the 
legendary Michael Damian Catano. He said hi to my mom and hi to me and 
then went up to join the pack o' sloan net kids. For anyone who has ever 
wanted to know what Mike is *really* like, lemme tell ya, he's the 
biggest jerk around. ;) Nah, he's harmless. Sassy, but harmless. Oh man, 
he's probably gonna read this and kill me. Oh well, I"m sure I could take 
him in a fight....

Friday was pretty cool, got to see some more of Halifax, which is indeed 
a very lovely city. James and Heather took me to some cool shops and I 
got to buy my first Eric's Trip tshirt, plus some 7''s I couldn't find 
back home. Stopped in at the murderecords office to pick up our slack 
ass lunch date marc - the office is a lot smaller than they appeared to 
be on tv. Colin Mackenzie is like totally just as nice in person as he 
has been on the phone, just a friendly guy. Jay was in the office at the 
time as was Allison Outhit from Rebecca West. Which I found hilarious, 
since I had just purchased the Bubaiskull 7''... Chris walked in a little 
later on. There, obligatory "celeb" talk for those who care.

James and Heather continued to point out local "celebs" throughout the 
day, including Stinkin' Rich, Scott from Trike/Quahogs, and 
hmmmm...probably more, but I'm overloaded with sights, sounds, and stuff 
like that.

This is one of the coolest parts of my day - James, Marc, and I went over 
to Jay Ferguson's place to watch Thrush Hermit on the wedge. Let me just 
say that Jay is probably one of the nicest people I've ever met. I've 
only ever talked to him like once or twice before, but he's totally down 
to earth and nice. I ended up spilling 7Up on his carpet in his room, boy 
that was cool....He has the biggest record collection I've ever seen. 
Anyway, that was pretty weird and unexpected. Let me just say it once 
more, Jay's a nice person, even when he doesn't have to be, if you follow 
what I'm saying.

The gig itself .... wow. Birdland is one of the best clubs, seriously. 
It's great, you can see the stage from all over, there's plently of room 
for running around and for sitting down and everything. Cleanest 
bathrooms I've ever seen at a nightclub. :) Good root beer. 

Trike were up first. Trike have only practiced once in the last four 
months, and it sure did not show. They rocked, and I'm so disappointed 
that "fort" will not be on the new CD, since it was by far their best 
song last night. Todd said afterwards he felt it wasn't a "great" gig, 
but he was happy nonetheless. I think crunchy rock pop is the only way I 
can descirbe it. It's heavy, but poppy. You know?

Thee Suddens. WOW!!! I had heard their tape a bit earlier over at marc's 
place and I thought they sounded like a ramones tribute band. Live, they 
kicked ass. Very tight, heavy. I doubt they like KISS ;)  - they nod so 
heavily to that late 70's KISS style it's surprising they don't wear neck 
braces. Impressive, I can't wait to see them again tonight.

Hardship Post. I had been warned earlier that they don't play songs 
they've released. It's true. They only played "silver suit" and the rest 
were all from _somebody spoke_ or were unreleased. However, it was a 
great set, albeit short by my standards. Many people told me this was a 
long set by their standards, though. I'm not sure what Hardship POst are 
trying to do, by not playing their older more familiar songs. It's been 
ages since I've gotten up and totally jumped around like that at a gig, 
tho, so it was immensely fun. Mike Pick played guitar and Sebastian 
played bass for I think most of if not all of the show. Weird. Great 
show, the new album is very good, even if it doesn't ROCK the way they 
used to. I like it. Buy it.

Many people were bitching about the $6 cover charge, which I guess is 
justifiable if you're used to seeing these bands for like a few bucks. I 
have never seen any of them and didn't have a problem. :)

Again, for those who care, local celebs spotted: Patrick Pentland 
(surprise), Jay Ferguson, Chris Murphy, Catherine Stockhausen, Matt 
Murphy, Charles Austin, Alyson Macleod, Peter Rowan, Angie Fenwick, and 
of course, the always present Mike "MUCHEAST" Campbell.

Oh....and we really embarrased James, we put up a banner saying "happy 
25th James Covey. *heart* Sloan Net" - totally embarrassing. :) Plus Todd 
from Trike said Happy birthday to him on stage, that was nice. :)

After the last song from Hardship Post, me and Shant and Katrina started 
to dance around like maniacs and soon our little circle grew to include 
about six or seven sloan net kids. Yay! And then they played Duran Duran 
and there was just no stopping Kat and I. :) She's the best dancer in the 
world. :)

Anyway...this place is great, everyone is totally nice, and you should 
all try to come here someday for a visit. :)  Sorry to go on so long, 
it's probably my last or second last post for a month and a half or so. 
:) So go easy on me, eh?

Ooooops, we're gonna be late for State Chimps. ;)

Wish you all were here,
Tara Lee

"stick around for a while
 listen to my thoughts
 it makes you smile..."
         LISTEN - Eric's Trip