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State Champs and snowy weather - my final installment for now

Hey everybody,

Well, to continue with my little rock n' roll story...Seeing as how we 
did not get home til about 4 am (after Shant, Katrina, Adam, James and I 
hit pizza corner - this spot in hfx with like three pizza joints on the 
corners of each street ($2 for a HUGE slice) - after the hardship post 
gig and mucho dancing) the next day (saturday) did not begin until about 
1 pm. James tried his best to wake me up. Didn't work. Anyway, we finally 
rolled into Halifax's peninsula (downtown) at about 3 pm. TIRED AS ALL 
HELL!!!!  |)

We went straight to the MURDERecords offices to meet up with my interview 
subjects for the day, Charles Austin and Drew Yamada of the superfriendz. 

Oh....did I mention it was POURING rain and freezing? What's up with that???

So we were hanging around for a little while and Charles and Drew both 
asked questions about Sloan Net so I tried to tell them what it was sorta 
about and then I told them the story about when Tara Da Costa was telling 
Chris Murphy about it and he goes "oh so do you talk about who I sleep 
with too???" and Tara's friend goes "oh yes all the time" and Chris 
freaked even though that was *obviously* a joke. So I was telling this to 
them and Drew goes "Yeah, but Chris would probably like it if he knew you 
talked about who he slept with" and right then and there Chris walked in 
the office with Matt Murphy. OOOOOOPS!!!! Drew and I just giggled and 
went OH MY GOD!!! It was pretty funny.

We decided to go get lunch while doing the interview. Let me tell ya, 
those three guys are just about theeee nicest interview subjects ever. 
The tape recorder marc gave me from CKDU was a *little* tricky to figure 
out but thanks to BAchelor of JOurnalism recipient Matt Murphy, we 
figured it out finally. Look for them on tour soon and their new CD 
should be out (with 14 songs) in June.

After we ate, we went back to the Murderecords office and on the bottom 
floor of that building, they were filming the new Hardship Post video for 
that song that I think is called "watching you" - at least the chorus 
goes "but I can't standing watching you - ooo wooo hoooo!" There appear 
to be lots of mirrors in it. Matt said they were hoping to one day do a 
"Deliverance" style video (h.post I mean). :) Heh heh....

They all had to go practice so we said bye to Matt, Charles, Drew, and 
that Chris guy.

Drove around in the rain for a while, took Marc over to a friends' house 
so he could study his Bible or continue his charity work or something 
equally good. ;)

(oh man, I'm in trouble for that....)

We stopped at former listmanagerboy Scott's house. What a wicked 
place....we listened to Eric's Trip _Love Tara_ while it rained and 
slowly started to snow. OH and Michael Graham, the photographer guy was 
with us, too.

It started to really come down by this time, 7 pm or so. Mike Catano 
called and invited James and I over for dinner with the State Champs 
before their gig. MmmmMMMMmmmmm he even made homemade cookies. :) :)

I got to play (well, hold and touch the strings more like it) one of 
Chris Murphy's old basses (bass'? Hmmmmm....) downstairs at Mike's place. 
It was cool, I guess. Mike has a big Kearney Lake Road roadsign. 
Hilarious. Oh and a grey cat called "grey".

We drove Mike and some equipment over to the Oasis so they could have 
their sound check and then went back home to put on our DRY clothes. Did 
I mention it snowed so much that the door at James' house wouldn't open 
at first? Ridiculous, I can't believe this weather....It's still freakin' 

The gig itself was great. State Champs in my humble yet oh so correct 
opinion ;) are probably Halifax's greatest unknown band, although people 
do know about them. I guess I should say they're probably Halifax's least 
appreciated GOOD band. Man, I can't believe how much they exceeded my 
expectations. They make the most excellent transitions in songs, it's 
unbelievable. WICKED guitar playing, just unbelievable. Yes, I'm helping 
to put out a 7''  by them, but man....if they didn't have the worst 
freaking luck ever, I"m sure they'd be total rock snobs to us all. ;)  

For those who care, celeb's in attendance last night - Patrick Pentland, 
Jay Ferguson (who returned the fouret string quartet version of 
Lemonzinger to me - he just loves it he says and he ended up playing it 
for some people like Matt Murphy), Chris Murphy, Catherine STockhausen, 
Peter Rowan (but he puts on the Saturday shows at the Oasis), Matt Murphy.

***note to all slack ass musician types - SEE???? you should have gotten 
your tapes in sooner, so I could play them for the band. Jay said the 
version of lemonziner was "AMAZING!" and he took it home and dubbed it 
for himself even tho he's gonna buy a copy of the tape when it's done.

The Oasis is a totally lame bar, I think. AFter State Champs played they 
recieved $20. Ooooh. Then they pulled out some mineral water they had 
purchased at a store since they didn't have a bar tab and this guy takes 
it away and says "hey we sell drinks here" and they said "you wouldn't 
bring food into a restaurant, would you?" TOTALLY LAME. They also tried 
to throw away some of the Prizewinner zines I was leaving out for people 
to take. WhatEVER! Nice murals....OH and note to marc - you missed a 
great show, you fool. :) :)

Thee Suddens were cool, but I dunno if these two bands complemented each 
other...Thee Suddens are 100% cheese rock (but fun and cool!) while State 
Champs are so much more than just a pavement ripoff band ;) - James says 
"wine makes us" nearly brought tears to his eyes. Hey, you guys, you rule!!!

If you live in the NOrtheast States, ask them about their upcoming tour. 
They play the Middle East sometime in Boston, so yay!

After the gig, Jon, Mark, and Andy took off for some bar (thanks ya 
jerks!!! ;) ) and James, Roderick AFfleck (totally nice guy, what a 
joker... :)  ), Catano and myself went to the Apple Barrel, which is 
sorta a 24 hours food joint. Lots of drunk middle aged losers. Cool. We 
had a great time making fun of a lot of things and the humor was quite 
scatological at first. We played this lame little game where we took the 
name of albums or bands and tried to Catano-ize them (ie/ put the word 
SHIT in them a la rhymes with shit or whatever...). Some of the good ones 
(whatever) included:  "The Shit Album" (the beatles), the shit puppets 
(yes the meat puppets), and of course, "SHIT" which could be used to 
apply to any one word album title. :)  Ok ok it was late.... :) :)

We stayed there for about 3 hours and let me just tell you, these three 
guys were just a lot of fun. Oh and I should repeat it for anyone who 
still has their doubts, Catano is not evil, he's just way too sassy for 
his own good. ;)  He's really been quite nice to me so I'll just leave it 
at that. Andy and Mark are both pretty quiet guys, especially compared to 
catano and Jon - Jon is just far too hilarious for words. What a great guy.
I wish I had more time to hang with these guys, I really think they're 
fun. OH well, lucky for them I'll be back. ;)

Well, that's about it for me kids. I've got to hit the road, it's off to 
three weeks of no email or english music. Eeep.

To anyone here in Hell/Darkness that I didn't get to say bye to, I love 
you all. :) You're all way too nice. :) :)  See ya in three weeks.

All of my e-friends not here in Hell - please write me snail mail. Ask 
James for details. 

See ya all later, have a good "summer" (THIS is summer???? IT's freakin' 

check ya,
live on location
"stick around for a while
 listen to my thoughts
 it makes you smile..."
         LISTEN - Eric's Trip