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thrush hermit tonight (reprise)


well, i'm back from the concert, and i'm not a happy camper..... grrr... 
here's my concert review.... no more all-ages-when-there's-a-19+ gigs for
me... grr..

before 7 p.m.:  PlumTree comes on.  they were good.  couldn't hear vocals
though...the rest of the instruments were LOUD.  the words i did make out
were: one banana, two bananas, hey's, and "i love rock and roll" :)  they
pleaded the observers to buy their stuff cuz they're in debt :(

7:30-ish:  the Local Rabbits come on, after a few drinks ;), and played a
pretty rawkin' set.  they had some good cord tangling going on, and informed
us on how they just came back from playing 6 stadium shows.... uh, ok.... 
their cover song was "dancing in the dark".

8:10-ish:  Thrush Hermit graces the stage, with the shortest set of music
that i've ever seen in my life by the main act.  they played about 4 new
songs, and 2  _smart bomb_ tracks -- 'french inhale', and 'all dressed up'. 
the kids were really moshing about during the french in hell  :) song, but
even they lost enthusiasm and not much bopping and moshing was going on
throughout the set.  i really liked the slow song that joel sang.. the lyrics
were sweet.. just his voice, a few chords on his guitar, and a light beat on
the drums.. and it had a really rawkin' chorus... but it tiffed me how a lot
of the kids didn't appreciate music like that (grumble, grumble). 

i wasn't too pleased by their set... first of all, it was too short; less
than 40 minutes!! i've never been out of a concert so early in my life!  i
feel.. so ashamed!! also,  i didn't get to hear either of the two songs i
wanted to hear off of _smart bomb_ ('hated it' and/or 'pink is the colour')..
 they said that their second set (the 19+ gig) is completely different than
the set i saw.  um, but you see, there were people who couldn't get into the
second set, so that's why they were at the first (oh, and saps like me who
depend on public transit)!  i understand how they wouldn't want to do the
same thing all over again, but there's got to be a tiny bit of repetition!!
aurgh!  there was a lack of energy throughout the venue, and my cousin had to
try hard to stay awake!!  (ok, maybe that case is an entirely different

overall, i was disappointed at the gig.   i really, really regret not going
to the second set... :(  i hope there'll be some interesting reviews by the
ones who went to the 19+ set.

oh well... i guess the only advantage was that i picked up a copy of _great
pacific ocean_...saved myself $.98 since i didn't order it by mail ;)...
haven't listened to it yet...  what's interesting are the individual pictures
of four young men inside.... hmm.. they looked nothing like the four i saw
tonight who called themselves 'thrush hermit' ;)

				...sizzle teen

p.s.  one last time: grrrr.....