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thrush hermit tonight!

well, thrush hermit are in t.o. tonight for two shows!  hope everyone has a
blast, and i hope to see some reviews tomorrow!! :)  i'll be at the earlier
all-ages gig (gotta wake up tomorrow morning...*yawn*), so look for me :)
i'll be the one who (note: people who have been on for the past few months
can skip this next part since they've already read it and are sick of it ;) )
is a short (4'11"), oriental female with glasses, wearing a murderecords
t-shirt and jeans with a nice gap on the right knee... oh, but don't look for
a 19 year old; look for a 19 year old that looks like a *13* year old (..that
comment made my day....).  say 'hi' and chat with me; i'd love to meet some

in other news.....  thrush hermit will be on the _wedge_ today on muchmusic,
so make sure y'all catch it, 'k?

well, here's hoping that i don't break any bones tonight!!