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Fwd: HI & OUTSIDE: Thrush Not Rushed

eye WEEKLY                                                  May 4 1995
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                           THRUSH NOT RUSHED

                             DAVE BOOKMAN

The last time we saw Thrush Hermit was back in December at the Grunge
That  Stole Xmas show at the Opera House. The young band faced the
unenviable task of  being the tenth band on and following stellar sets
from the Killjoys and treble  charger. However, the moment they hit the
stage, it was clear the crowd had kept  some fuel in the gas tank for
the band, taking the night to its spiritual crescendo. 

The group returns to town Friday (May 5) for a pair of shows at the
Rivoli in  support of a new record, The Great Pacific Ocean
(Murderecords/MCA). Its six  songs show a maturity in the songwriting,
no doubt enhanced by the band's recent  travels, which have taken them
across the continent. What fails to cut through is the  band's
passionate vocals and inherent pop sensibilities, which are thwarted by
 producer Steve Albini's mix. 

Having taken a slow but steady career approach, Thrush Hermit have
plenty of  time to make the great pop record that their intangible
qualities show their capable  of. Friday's shows see them joined by
Montreal's Local Rabbits, with Halifax's  Plumtree along for the 7 p.m.
all-agers ride and jangly guitar connoisseurs Sour  Landslide join the
fun at the late show.


Thrush Hermit's record is merely the first of a slew of new releases on
the way  from East Coast bands. Hardship Post's first release for Sub
Pop, titled Somebody  Spoke, hits the stores May 23. The disc's 11
songs follow the new-waveish course  the band set on last year's
triumphant sandpaper single "Why Can't We Smooth  Things Over?" It also
features two songs by bassist Mike Pick, but no songs by  anyone named
Sebastian Lippa. The group's singer/songwriter/guitarist has 
transformed himself into one Johnny Cox.

Also on the way from Cinnamon Toast Records is Burners On, the debut
disc  from Rebecca West. This three-piece, featuring the songwriting
talents of Allison  Outhit, is perfect pop for the '90s, mixing
Pixies-style angst with insightful lyrical  themes. Fans of XTC will
appreciate the guitar intro to "Absolute Fact" which pays 
time-and-a-half homage to "Respectable Street." 

Later this summer Murderecords will release new music from jale and 
Superfriendz. Both records were recorded here in town at producer
Brenndan  McGuire's studio. The jale disc is a five-songer titled
Closed and will hit the stores  in July. Superfriendz offer up a
full-lengther, Mock Up, Scale Down, that has an  ETA of June.

                        DO YOU HAVE THE TIME?

Thursday -- Ethereal pop band Mrs.Torrance celebrate the CD release of
Why The  Sky at the Rivoli with guests By Divine Right and Resin

Friday -- A new label, Outcast Records, releases a split LP by Ulcer
and Dirty  Bird at the El Mo. Also on the bill is Chronic Submission
and a band called Basket  Case, who have nothing to do with Billy Bob
and Co.

Saturday -- London Ont.'s Adam West play the hits and preview new ones
at the  Ultrasound.

Sunday -- Mother's Day.

Monday -- Subtractor return from their 10,000 free km of Western Canada
to  play the Horseshoe with Clove and Gorp.

Tuesday -- The Tourists play the Chick 'N Deli. You'd think Annie &
Dave  could have made it a Eurythmics reunion!

Wednesday -- Aural Guerillas night No. 3 with Noise 'R Us, Ottawa's
Wooden  Stars and percussionist Dave Clark's Woodchoppers Association.

                         HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US

Billy Bragg salutes our independence with a Canada Week gig at Massey
Hall July  5.

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