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The last LES AMIS update from the prairies til July

Hey all...

Just wanted to let you all know who's sent in money to me for the volume 
II of the Les Amis Du Sloan tapes. Thanks and all that. :)

Rob Page
Per Langstrom
Warren Rodericks
Carol Nishitoba
Sylva Donaldson
John Butland
Shawn Stackhouse
Steve Dinn
Darryll Hobson
Tom Sessler
Gabrielle Giattino
Nina Riihiaho
Barbara Yamazaki
Natalie Foong

That's $84 so far. Yay! :)

So far I've got tapes from only two people, but that's ok. I hope you'll 
all hurry up and send your tapes in plus the money to help out with. 
Remember to send your tapes into me by um...end of June. I'm gonna put 
the tape together like the second week in July (we got DATs at cjsw 
now!!!!!) so that's the final deadline. That's two months from now, so no 
excuses. :)

Thanks everyone for helping, sending money, sending chocolates, sending 
hugs, sending artwork, and sending corporate fitness passes. :) :) :) Hope 
you all have a great summer. :) :) :)

If you have any concerns please talk to tara da costa 
bi629\!/freenet.carleton.ca  whilst I am without email. 

mmmbuhbye and have a SLOAN-y day/week/month/summer (as tdc would say)
LOVE TARA :) :) :)

Sleep...sleep...come to me...walk me down my street....
                      - Elevator To Hell, "Morning Clouds"