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Re: The last LES AMIS update from the prairies til July

hi everyone :)

ok i'm gonna add on to tara lee's update :

>Just wanted to let you all know who's sent in money to me for the volume 
>II of the Les Amis Du Sloan tapes. Thanks and all that. :)

you kids with stars beside your names, i've recieved yr money for vol.I

>Rob Page		*
>Per Langstrom		
>Warren Rodericks
>Carol Nishitoba	*
>Sylva Donaldson	*
>John Butland		*
>Shawn Stackhouse	*
>Steve Dinn		*
>Darryll Hobson
>Tom Sessler		*
>Gabrielle Giattino	*
>Nina Riihiaho		*
>Barbara Yamazaki	*
>Natalie Foong		*

i've also recieved money from

paul lump (vol's I & II), karen wilkenson and lisa chen-wing

*thanks everyone*!!! this is going grrrrrreat! :)

>So far I've got tapes from only two people, but that's ok. I hope you'll 
>all hurry up and send your tapes in plus the money to help out with. 

ive gotten tapes (and $15 chip-ins that WILL incidentally be refunded once
we sell the tapes) from:

yellow label
tom sessler

>Remember to send your tapes into me by um...end of June. I'm gonna put 
>the tape together like the second week in July (we got DATs at cjsw 
>now!!!!!) so that's the final deadline. That's two months from now, so no 
>excuses. :)

yep. do like humpty dumpty an' get crackin'!

>Thanks everyone for helping, sending money, sending chocolates, sending 
>hugs, sending artwork, and sending corporate fitness passes. :) :) :) Hope 
>you all have a great summer. :) :) :)

yeah! thanks sooo much, everyone, for being so involved and for helping us
along! :) you all rule!!:)

see ya's..

tara :)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom