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Re: thrush hermit in t.o.!!

	I've been on SloanNet for a while, but usually I just read, and I 
think this is the first time I've actually gotten off my butt and posted 
something.  I, too, was excited to hear about the Thrush Hermit show.  
Actually, initially I was excited to hear about the Plumtree show ('cause 
I just love their song on the Cinamon Toast compilation, mainly), but 
then I got more excited when I found they were opening for Thrush 
Hermit.  My friend Jen always thought of them as the band who sings that 
song about the french in hell (hee hee). 

	 I'm 19 + a couple of months, and I'm trying to decide
which show to go to... the all ages is earlier (ie. I can take
the bus home to the suburbs with less difficulty) and the 
audience will have more energy (a good thing, or is it?), but the later 
show would tend to be the one bands devote more energy too (so I hear) 
and I am over 19.  Mmmmm.  I'll probably go to the all-ages one, perhaps 
will learn a lesson by doing this.  Any advice out there?

	And for sizzleteen and Shanan: the Rivoli is a cool club, I went 
a bunch of times before I was 19 and never had a problem (although 
sometimes they announce that specific shows are for 19+), and is located 
on Queen St. west of the subway line.  You get off at St. George (i 
think, the one that's on queen) and walk west, past Muchmusic HQ to get 

	See y'all there.