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JOeY jOeY RaWKs My fREaKiN WoRlD.

helooooooo everyone!! :)

you've all ordered yr copies of joey joey zine #2 and #3, RiGHt??!

all i can say is holy cow holy cow holy cow...

i just received my copies to-day in the mail and boy-oh-boy has
tara Lee (Aaron) ;) done a thoroughly wonderful job. i'm sure you all know
that joey joey is a sloan/east coast fanzine she puts out. if you don't
well you do now. :)  

** this is a long 'review'. but its cos im soooo excited and i cant stop
writing. please maybe ignore my over-exuberance..sorry. i just think
everyone should get these zines.. :) :)

 letsee...where can i start? well#2 's got stuff like:

-the truth behind joey joey...patrick p. says 'James [covey] is a bit of
odd guy.' :-) :-)
-a wicked interview with courteny love- oops, i mean- mike catano and the
state champs..vinyl pants, guys? the tighter the better?! ;)
-a cinnamonny toasty thingy 
-a treble charger interview ..in a meatlocker........smelly band alert! ;)
-hahahahaha! this is the best! there's instrucions to this game called
'pat daman' oh my, i can't wait to play this...identifying milk brands &
patting pillows. :) good grief..:) :)
-the continued criss smurfy interview...a supergood read. hilarious...tara
and chris are goofs... :):) there's talk about archie comics, school
nicknames, proms, gross record covers, ear to the ass, mums & dads, and a
million other topics. 
-the frontcover features a very silly looking boy by the name of criss...
the backcover - oh my gosh, the back's got - is that?? FUckiN fIsh?!?! :) :)

**there's tonnes more stuff in this zine (it IS like over 40p. long, but
im on a 2-hour daily time limit on freenet and im a slow typer) :)
GET IT NOW!!!! :) :)

ok. now #3's a little shorter, but still jam-packed! it's got:
-JaY FerGuSoN (the *real* one) ;) on the front cover
-the freakin most hilarious comics i ever did see. ever!! :)
wanna see criss murphy get rolled for his loveless shirt? :) wanna see
joel plaskett do some '87 style skatin while at the same time, 
killing the Nation of Ulysses kids? :) and lets not forget Andrew scott
and his killer (literally) bass drum action... :) :) my lord....
-andrew's love advice :) 
-a 6-year old's visual interpretation of sloan (big-mouth criss..)
;) ;)
-SUGAR RECIPES!!! oh my god these are so funny...im totally gonna have to
try the 'sugar-filled green peppers' !! :)
-laura borealis' interesting um comics about her & criss
-cute east coast poems 
-updates on all the bestest record labels
-a summer camp/sloannet analogy that makes me cry every time i read it
-our unofficial sloannet theme song!! :) :)
-an indie cred contest..heehee!
-a superfriend contest! (a real one..in conjunction w/ murder..)
-some funny criss 'breathless' smurfy shots... :) :) :)

Get it baby.

*** OH!!!!
this one-page zine called 'Next to Nothing' is distributed with each joey
joey  issue...what a neat treat! :) wonderful writing, insights..

so....to get all this wonderful stuff, e-mail tara lee wittchen at
for more info. but she's leaving for halifax in 3? 4? days so ACT
FAST!!!!! :)


the other tara :)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom