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Re: Criss Smurfy joins new Khult!!!

On Mon, 1 May 1995, r.d. reynolds wrote:
> Chris Murphy request a Men W/o Hats Video, and Ian's request of Straight 

ack! I only *wish* he'd requested the BEST band to ever come out of 
Quebec ;) Men Without Hats. He requested Men At Work. Oh my god, I'm 
getting really anal retentive, aren't I? I'm sure it's in anticipation of 
spending three days with James "anal is my middle name" Covey... :)

> got sick...  Much East...  It was more like Much Crap, I like the home 

It still sucks pretty bad, but it's getting better. At least we know Mike 
C. is trying a bit...I guess...anyway, I still think kids should fax in 
their suggestions and stuff, it is as mr. mike likes to say "our show" ;)

besides the hat incident, my favorite part was with Andy from Leonard 
Conan getting the big apology treatment. Yay!!! 

40 hours to go,