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bye bye sloan net for now ... hello HELL!

Hi kids,

Well...less than 48 hours til I get to visit that mecca of cool ;) 
Halifax. I just wanted to say bye to all the wicked sloan net kids before 
I leave, since I won't get e-mail access for about a month and a half. 
Hope you all have a wicked summer. :) Hopefully I'll run into many of you 
on my little journey.

If you were interested in getting copies of any issue of Joey Joey please 
write to the address in James' signature and send about $4 bucks for one, 
6 for two and 8 to 10 for all three. I don't know how quickly they'll get 
to you but I will try my best. :) They're pretty lame, anyway, so like I 
wouldn't bother anyway... ;) "over the top"....

If you have any questions regarding the Les Amis Du Sloan tribute (god I 
hate that word...) tape, please email Tara Da Costa 


for details.  Keep sending in your money and tapes, it's in good hands
while I am gone. :) Mark the envelope Les Amis Du Sloan, please. :)

If you want a snazzy East Coast postcard, email me your address before 5 
pm Mountain Standard Time Wednesday May 3. :)

bye bye sloan netters!!! :) :)

Tara Lee Wittchen

ps to all kids in darkness and hell: good places to be and when to be 
there....the mokka thursday night 20:30 (that's 8:30 pm) or 
so....Birdland Friday night for Trike and Hardship Post....and um, I 
*think* the Oasis or wherever State Champs and Thee Suddens are playing 
Saturday Night. See y'all there, I hope. :)

Sleep...sleep...come to me...walk me down my street....
                      - Elevator To Hell, "Morning Clouds"