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Eric's Trip early demos for sale.

I'm selling two Eric's Trip early Demo cassettes.  The first cassette is 
entitled "catapillars ep" and I think it's their second release.  It 
features:  Julie Doiron on guitar, vocals and mandolin
           Rick White on vocals, big guitar, noise...
	   Chris Thompson on bass, acoustic guitar and vocals
	   Ed Vaughan on drums and percussion

Song listing:

	Too Perfect
	Just One
	The Lonely
	Brave + Bland

"Catapillars" dates 

from 1991. 

The second tape is called "Drowing" and features the same lineup. 

Song listing:

	Close Your Eyes
	Bring Down the Rain
	No One
	Save Me (from my love)
	Side two features live stuff

Both tapes include original inserts, lyrics and are in excellent condition.
I'll sell them to the person who gives me the most money.  If you're 
interested e-mail me at:


see ya,